RETAILThe ERP Areco meets the particular segment, from the automation of Natures operation and trade rules to support the PAF-ECF, Sat-and-NFC and Notes service and DANFEs. Integration with the shop front is total.


  • 1. Inventory management (inputs and outputs), shopping routine planning, batch control and inventory.
  • 2. Custody checks and entry CIELO reconciliation.
  • 3. Tax Coupon issued, NFE, NFCe, e-SAT, Service and Note Simple Note.
  • 4. DAV support (Assistant Sales Document) with the possibility of merging multiple DAVs and option of creating budgets for subsequent generation of DAV.
  • 5. Integration with the Front Shop, ensuring transparency of information, control and effective management, without rework or risk losing important data.


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Simplifies cash operations with the use of special keyboards, optical readers, fiscal coupon issuers and pin-pads. With all the data already registered in
ERP system, you can integrate processes and generate complete control reports.
Webshop fully integrated with ERP Areco, unifying all data product catalog, images and specifications. simple user interface equipped with all functions necessary for operations, the online payment (financial processing with the banking operators) to integration with stock, controlled via ERP.
Price Search:
Interacts with the Areco ERP and suppliers, requesting price quotes, payment terms and delivery times. The system is responsible for performing comparisons and indicate the ‘winner’ of the process.
Facilitates indicators display through charts, with the flexibility to configure them according to the management needs by adding or removing data in accordance with the operational demands of control.
NF-e Receptor:
Makes NF entry processes safer and more practical, automatically monitoring all e-mails to a particular account and performing all tests to provide the entry of note data in the ERP system.